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~Imagination is the true magic carpet.~


  A Little Personal Information About the Owners & the Business

I am Lyn, Sweet Home’s winemaker and co-owner. I am blind so don’t feel uncomfortable in the least if you see me in the Tasting Room. I encourage questions because I like to think I’m a living example of what we can all accomplish despite the  obstacles we face and therefore, we can all achieve our dreams. John, my husband and co-owner of Sweet Home, manages our small vineyeard and the winery, including our lab.

Why a small vineyard? If you have to ask, you must never have farmed. Actually, Sweet Home is a retirement business for us and at our age (cough, cough), we not only can’t but do not want to kill ourselves farming. In our travels, we made many contacts with vineyards and other wineries so we utilize those friendly contacts and outsource the grapes and fruits we do not grow. None of our grapes or fruit are imported from outside the United States.

Fruits and grapes are prepared on premise;  bottling takes place on premise;  and we do our own lab work and labeling on premise. Sweet Home Carolina is a fully functional winery and all operations are carried out or managed by the owners or other family members.

Our Story
(The Abridged Version)

Our story has many chapters and even stretches into volumes, but for our purposes here, we will keep it as brief as possible. We retired from our long time businesses in Norfolk, Virginia in 2003, bought a motor home and traveled the United States for a good while, then, after visiting family in Clemons, North Carolina, we discovered the Yadkin Valley. We relocated from Virginia Beach, Virginia to Yadkin because it was, quite simply, the most perfect place for us we’d found in all our travels… peaceful, serene, friendly. It wasn’t until we’d already settled ourselves that we discovered we were in the heart of North Carolina wine country.

Sunday afternoons took us venturing out to one winery after another, meeting the owners and staff, winemakers, and so many lovely people who shared our love of wine. Before long, in April of 2006, we had our first vines planted. It was hard work, but a labor of love since we did it all ourselves, two crazy people on a mission. We began to nurture the dream of what would one day open as Sweet Home Carolina Vineyard & Winery. We searched for and found 23 beautiful rolling acres on Old US 421 Hwy E. for the site. The property was perfectly placed as it is only 5 miles east of Yadkinille and 20 short minutes from downtown Winston-Salem in Yadkin’s Forbush area. We set about learning as much as we could about growing grapes and making wine (which we have now found to be a never ending process). We began entering our wines in amateur wine competitions and winning many awards which helped to  boost our confidence.

Unfortunately, life stepped in with other plans and we were slowed down considerably by my unexpected and ongoing battle with heart disease.  After a long period of recuperation, we put our plans on hold and even considered scrapping the entire project. We had fought many battles in our lives and this, like the others, was one we chose not to let beat us, so we began building our new home on the winery property and kept looking forward.

The property which began as 23 acres has now increased to approximately 30 acres of lush rolling hills.  It is nestled comfortably in the breathtaking Yadkin Valley and is now home to our personal home quarters, the Rocky Road Miniature Horse & Donkey Farm, the Lillie R Art Studio, and of course, the winery and the Sweet Home Carolina Tasting Room.  

The land at Sweet Home Carolina has a history of its own, a history that encompasses generations of  families and events that precede us by decades… even centuries. Like may of the lands in this area, the property was once a booming hub for moonshiners as evidenced by the standing stones left placed carefully near the creek below the house. The property is teeming with spirits from the past which intrigued us even more since John and I have had a fascination with paranormal activity and have traveled to other countries as well as other parts of the United States on investigative quests.

Sweet Home Carolina is a family owned and operated enterprise which never lacks for southern charm, country kindness, the laughter and company of friends, and wines that never stop. At times, you may see our children, daughters Dawna or Kelly or our sons-in-law, Domingo or Michael as they help us out while visiting from Virginia Beach.  Grandchildren Tanner, Jordan, and Brady have been known to frequent the property, helping in the vineyard and in the winery as well. We must not forget our feathered and four-legged family members. Baby Bird visits the Tasting Room regularly to flirt with all the “pretty birds”. He also herds the horses whom he thinks of as his sisters. The horses and donkeys, Clover, Enya, Diva, Candee, Daz, Quinn, Fancy, Esme, Jubilee, Ruby, and Lacy, live in luxury fit for a horse, accepting Big Brother Baby Bird into their stable to dine with them as well as let him ride on their backs.

Admittedly, we may be a little spooky and yes, a little kooky, but we’re a wine family you don’t want to miss!
Follow the Magic!


A Warm Celtic Carolina Welcome
From Your Hosts
John and Lyn Koren
(To Your Health!)