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north carolina vineyard & winery

In the heart of the Yadkin Valley

Our Wines

The Artist Series of our wines sport labels which display the original works of art painted by our own winemaker and may, on occasion, include a works of art by a friend or family member.

Red Wines

Angelic... Cabernet Franc, Dry
You're sure to love our 2014 Cabernet Franc with its savory and herbaceous characteristics. Berries, lavender, and spice on the nose with lively and refreshing acidity as the fruit seems to come alive on the palate.  Decanting fro approximately thirty minutes will help to "simmer down" the natural spiciness or simply use an aerator while  pouring.  Aerating brings out softer, richer flavors. It pairs well with a wide variety of dishes including both tomato-based and vinegar based foods as well as rich veggies like black beluga lentils. It always favors fresh herbs to dried ones.

Homeward Bound... Pinot Noir, Dry
Our 2014 Pinot Noir with its lovely color is fruit forward with smooth acidity and soft tannin. It floods the sendses with aromas of fruit, berry, cherry, currant and roses while seducing the palate with flavors of fruit, berry, black cherry, black currant, plum and roses. It pairs will with all meats except wild game and is excellent with Italian and Mexican cuisine. Cheddar, edam, gouda, lancshire and port salut cheeses are also delightful with this wine.

Legend ... Petite Syrah, Dry
Our 2014 Petite Syrah is a full-bodied , bold, deep and opaque red wine. A perfect wine to decant for two to four hours, if you can stand the wait. It is characterized by the aromas and flavors of blackberry, blueberry, chocolate, spice, black pepper with just a hint of licorice. This wine deserves to be paired only with foods as bold as it is and nothing too sweet Great pairings are bold herbs and spices, roasted pork, barbecued beef, beef burgers, chicken in mole sauce, thick sews, a great cut of steak, aged gouda, melted swiss, fresh mozzarella, gamembert, saute'd mushrooms, eggplant, black bean, caramelized onion and stuffed peppers. Enjoy!

Moonstruck ... Malbec, Dry
Our 2014 Malbec will leave you moonstruck with its full body and plump, dark fruit flavors and aromas of blackberry, plum and black cherry nuanced by hints of coffee, milk chocolate, cocoa, violets, blueberry, pomegranate, raspberry, mocha, molasses and spice with a smoky finish on the palate. Pairs well with lean red meats such as ostich, bison, duck, beef, lamb, dark met chicken, and pork shoulder. It also pairs well with earthy or smoky spices; funky and rich, soft to semi-firm cow's and goat's milk cheeses like blue cheese or feta ;rustic flavors like mushrooms or cumin.

Mountain Mama... Sangiovese, Dry
Our 2014 Super Tuscan styled Sangiovese is sure to please. Savory, round and fruit forward, this medium body em seduces both the nose and palate with notes of strawberry, tart cherry, plum, violets, and nuts.  Believe it or not, it pairs well with fast foods as well as Italian foods. It also pairs well with asiago cheese, fontina, jarlsberg and aged parmesan.

Brigadoon... Noiret, Dry
Our 2013 Noiret is soft, smooth, fabulously fruity yet deliciously dry. This richly colored beauty is sure to bring you out of hiding more than once every hundred years with its subtle notes of choke cherry, blueberry, black raspberry, cooked plum, grape, and black pepper on the palate, nuanced by muted aromas of bright red fruit and spicy black pepper. Then there’s always that pinch of Sweet Home Magic that makes it undeniably... one of a kind! This wine pairs very well with steak and other full-flavored red meats, blue cheese, and feta cheese. 

Anamchara... Noiret/Catawba Blend, Off Dry
Fruity and truly unique, our 2013 blend, like its name, reflects the Celtic “soul mate” or “soul friend“ ~ two, possibly very different,  coming together for a unique and magical partnering This novel duo pairs well with pasta, fish, poultry, and most famously with cheeses and appetizers. Best enjoyed chilled.

Wild Thing ... Chambourcin, Sweet
A fruity and richly colored beauty  , our 2013 Chambourcin is truly a “wild thing”, born of the magic of both sugar and spice. It pairs extremely well with barbecue, pork, pasta dishes, and even dark chocolate. Best enjoyed chilled.  

Ayvery's Dragon... Sangria... Coming Soon!... Semi-Sweet
Our Sangria is a blend of fresh red grapes and fresh fruits. It is light-bodied, fruity and refreshing with a hint of spice. It’s sure to make your palate shout out “Ole’”! Pairs well with Mexican cuisine, barbecue, and just about anything you can throw on the grill so pour yourself a glass and chill while you grill! Best enjoyed chilled.

A Horse’s Tale... Concord, Sweet
Fruity and sweet, our 2013 Concord refreshes you with a taste that puts the “sweet‘ in Sweet Home Carolina.. This wine perfectly compliments salads, cheeses, and light meals. Best enjoyed chilled.

White Wines

A Basket of Flowers... Riesling, Dry
With our 2014  Riesling, tasting, as in all riesling, begins in the nose.  Mouthwatering aromas of nectarine, apricot, honey-crisp apple, pear and honeycomb prepare your palate for a tantalizing treat. Your palate sucombs to the seductive flavors of apricot, nectarine, peach, apple, pear, pineapple, lime and Meyer lemon. These flavors are nuanced further by hint s of ginger, honey, and citrus blossom. When it comes pairing Riesling with food, think spice! It pairs well with Indian or Asian dishes which include duck, pork, bacon, chicken, shrimp and crab. Delicious wih delicately flavored, soft cow's milk cheeses and dried fruits. Also pairs with roasted veggies and veggies with natural sweetness. Best enjoyed chilled.

Spellbound... Semillon, Dry
You will love our 2014 Semillon for its full body, moderate acidity, zest and silken texture. Aromas and flavors of lemon, lime, citrus zest, apple, pear, papaya, peach and mango delight your senses with nuances of  lanolin, saffron, honey, honeysuckle, fig and ginger on the nose. When pairing with food,think spice, but not too much. With its full body and fresh, zippy flavors, this wine holds up to bolder, aromatic dishes. It has a beautiful relationship with Indian and Asian spices, even brown woodsy spices like cinnamon or star anise.  I pairs well with white meats and fish, richly flavored, nutty cow's or sheep's milk cheeses like cheddar and gruyere with spiced, stewed or roasted veggies.

Castle... Coming Soon!... Chardonnay, Dry
Our zesty medium-bodied, unoaked Chardonnay is truly fit for a Queen as she relaxes in the luxurious silence of her Castle, beginning the royal journey with light floral scents of honeysuckle and jasmine to awaken the senses then continuing with the tantalizing flavors of lemon, green apple, and soft hints of pineapple. This fair offering pars well with soft to semi-soft goat’s or cow’s milk cheeses, chicken breast, turkey breast, pork loin, halibut, trout, cod, Atlantic salmon, shrimp, crab, lobster, clams and oysters. Add some yellow squash, peas, zucchini, or asparagus to round out the meal. Best enjoyed chilled.

Baby Girl... Diamond, Off Dry
A hybrid with superior quality and nice acidity. Make no mistake, this crystalline beauty shimmers like diamonds while the deep scent of grapes plays on the nose and is elegantly displayed as you sip. Flavors of apple, grape and pineapple stimulate the palate until your mouth waters. Pairs well with artichoke dip, Cobb salad, crab cakes, pork tenderloin, pork chops, filet of sole, spicy oriental cuisine, main dish chicken salad and light, soft cheeses with fruit. Best served well chilled.

Epona... Edelweiss, Off Dry
Fruity and flavorful, our 2013 Edelweiss is named for the Celtic goddess of horses. It pairs well with spicy Asian foods. Best enjoyed  chilled.  

Sweet Dreams... Brianna, Semi-Sweet
Floral and fruity, our 2013 Brianna is known for casting “sweet dreams”… day or night. Just count your blessings instead of sheep. It pairs well with soft, ripened cheeses, salads that contain fruit and aromatic, spicy dishes like Thai or Indian cuisine. Best enjoyed chilled. 

Mischief.. Coming Soon!  ... Viognier, Off Dry
An alluring, silky white wine. Our off-dry Viognier sets the mood with subtle fragrances of honeysuckle, jasmine, and stone fruit for an exotic blend of grapefruit, lemon grass and luscious stone fruit flavors which simply dances on the palate.. This medium-bodied wine is richly rewarding and nothing short of mischievously delicious. Pairs well with sushi, game meats, steak and black beans as well as Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Mexican and spicy foods. Soft cheeses like brie, blue cheese, or goat cheese pair beautifully with each sip. Best enjoyed chilled.

King of Diamonds... Diamond, Sweet
Our 2015 estate grown Diamond is a superior wine with nice acidity and imparts a mouthful of tropical flavors. This sweet offering is smooth and so easy to drink.  It pairs well with Artichoke dip, Cobb Salad, crab cakes, pork tenderloin, pork chops, filet of sole, spicy oriental dishes, main dish chicken salad, and light, soft cheeses with fruit. Best enjoyed well chilled.

Rebel... Vidal Blanc, Sweet
Fruity and floral, our 2013 Vidal is deliciously sweet, almost rebelliously so. For the sweet wine lover, this wine is light and can be paired with grilled salmon or tuna, pasta with white sauce, meats seasoned with Caribbean jerk spices, a salad that includes pineapple, pear, apple, and papaya or Edam and Swiss cheeses. For others, it can be savored as a dessert styled wine. or with desserts like ice cream or cheesecake.  Best enjoyed chilled.  

Fruit Wines

Pure Country... 100% Fresh Tart Cherry, Dry  
A soft, dry wine made from 2013 tart cherries, it’s like you just stepped into the orchard and began picking and eating fresh tart cherries from the trees. A perfect compliment to dark chocolate or better yet… a nice slice of cherry pie with ice cream. Mouthwatering good! Best enjoyed room temp to very lightly chilled.  

Bird’s the Word... Fresh Blackberry, Off Dry  
Fresh 2013 blackberries blended with 2013 Isabella grapes give you the delicious  flavor of blackberries. Enjoy this semi-sweet offering very lightly chilled and with chocolate… the darker the better.  

Cowboys & Angels ...Fresh  Raspberry Blush, Semi-Sweet
Fresh tart 2013 raspberries blended with 2013 Elvira grapes bring you a mouthwatering sweet treat. Tart like a cowboy, sweet like his angel. ( No, everyone knows a cowboy’s angel is his horse!) This little wine pairs perfectly with dark chocolate and fresh raspberries, along with other light desserts. Best enjoyed very lightly chilled.  

Twisted Pear... 100% Fresh Pear, Semi-Sweet

Rhubarb, Rhubarb... 100% Fresh Rhubarb, Semi-Sweet

Earth Angel ... 100% Fresh Cranberry, Semi-Sweet
Crisp and semi-sweet, our 2013 Cranberry wine is exactly that… pure cranberries. Terrific for holidays or just because you feel like it. It pairs well with  poultry and fish. Best enjoyed very lightly chilled.  

I Found My Thrill... 100% Fresh Blueberry, Semi-Sweet

Peaches & Dreams... 100% Fresh Peach, Sweet

Strawberry Fields Forever... 100% Fresh Strawberry, Sweet

Cherry Bomb...100% Fresh.Cherry, Sweet

We take great care in making our wines , so please take great care in enjoying them. Be safe and responsible.


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